Thursday, March 26, 2009

Financial Sector Spiders

The coming XLF crash of 2009

I just finished writing a research report I made for a firm. I was able to make it avaliable for free(The report is free for distribution of any kind for the next 30 days)

Geithner and US Bank Stocks

Update: One thing I forgot to add to the report, total assets of the largest banks(more than $10b in assets) is $10,800b their 'surplus' over danger TCE is $226b. This is 50-1 leverage, a 2% change in assets trigger a widespread fear that the world's largest banks are becoming insolvent. Not a healthy system

Update 2: Total losses taken number is incorrect. Its actually near $800b according to data, however my numbers of losses 'left to go' already uses the right data so no harm there. The 'rough estimate' on big banks TCEs is rough but VERY likely to be correct.


  1. This research has a pretty big emphasis on opinion.